Postdoctoral Scientists
1. 2010, Dr. O. Rechtman, Technion–IIT.
Graduate Students

Completed Theses
1. 1993, Goren, I., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “The duration of construction projects: speeding-up and slowing-down factors” (primary supervisor: A. Laufer).
2. 1993, Gilad, J., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Production and assembly of portable concrete houses: technological and managerial aspects.”
3. 1994, Justanto, I., M.Sc., University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), “Conceptual model for knowledge-based design of high-shoring formwork for concrete elements.”
4. 1994, Glascock, J. D., M.Sc., University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), “Anatomy of mobile-crane selection for construction projects.” [with distinction] 5. 1996, Goldfinger, D., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Model for determining assembly and dismantling work inputs of high shoring towers.”
6. 1998, Galvez, J. F., M.Sc., University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), “Planning and monitoring confined sites using VR simulation” (primary supervisor: A. Retik).
7. 2000, Shechori, Y., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Rebar constructability system” (primary supervisor: R. Navon). [Rubinstein Research Grant 1998] 8. 2000, Raz, Y., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Comparative analysis of shoring-tower-based support systems for concrete elements.” [Orshan Research Award 2001] 9. 2003, Goldenberg, M., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Analytic-Hierarchy-Process-based model for equipment selection in construction projects.” [summa cum laude, Rubinstein Research Grant 2002, Wolf Prize 2002, Olenik Research Award 2003] 10. 2003, Shriki, M., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Investigation of tower-crane cycle times as a basis for productivity improvement in construction projects.” [Rubinstein Research Grant 2000] 11. 2004, Lyachin, B., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Detection and analysis of safety hazards at construction sites with tower cranes.” [Rubinstein Research Award 2004] 12. 2005, Telem, D., Ph.D., Technion–IIT, “The work of construction project managers – its characteristics and implications for the principles of managing projects in a dynamic environment” (primary supervisor: A. Laufer). [Rubinstein Research Grant 2003. Olenik Research Award 2006] 13. 2006, Simcha, M., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Method for quantitative-comparative evaluation of safety risks at construction sites with tower cranes.” [cum laude, Rubinstein Research Grant 2005, Rubinstein Research Award 2006] 14. 2009, Partouche, R., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “A lean model for construction management of tall office/commercial buildings” (primary supervisor: R. Sacks). [Rubinstein Research Grant 2008] Theses in Progress
15. 2011, Brodetskaia, I., Ph.D., Technion–IIT, “Computer-aided implementation of lean principles for real-time optimization of flow in construction operations” (primary supervisor: R. Sacks).
16. 2011, Latner, E., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the selection of general contractors for construction projects” (secondary supervisor: Y. Rosenfeld).
17. 2011, Nir-Goldenberg, S., Ph.D., Technion–IIT, “Dynamic delineation and multicriteria evaluation of green corridor alternatives” (primary supervisor: M. Shoshany).
18. 2011, Yona, E., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Influence of the structural configuration on the selection of the forming solution in tall buildings.”
19. 2011, Raviv. G., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Analysis of constructability factors: how owner and contractor preferences affect design” (secondary supervisor: R. Sacks).
20. 2011, Wicnudel, A., M.Sc., Technion-IIT, “Laser scanning based modeling of construction sites for tower crane blind-lift analysis” (secondary supervisor: S. Filin).
Advanced Seminar
1. 1995, Cohen, G., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Construction with external prefabricated concrete walls: functional and economic comparison.”
2. 1999, Peer, A., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Construction cost estimating of buildings in early design stages.”
3. 1999, Shachar, Y., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Characterization of the equipment planning process in construction projects.”
4. 2000, Barimboim, H., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Selection factors of tower cranes for construction sites.”
5. 2000, Turgeman, D., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Setup and dismantling of tower cranes: methods, inputs, and costs.”
6. 2000, Kedar, A., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Unique engineering and management aspects in construction of precast segmental bridges.”
7. 2001, Daniel, O., M.E., Technion–IIT, “Culture of using tower cranes in Israel.”
8. 2010, Baranes, A., M.E., Technion-IIT, “Profile of ‘blind lifts’ in tower crane operation on construction sites of tall buildings” (in progress).
Other Graduate Students
1. 2004, Brodetskaia, I., M.Sc., Technion–IIT, “Examination of the potential for monitoring construction project performance by monitoring lifting equipment” (advisor).

[Working with young, bright graduate students is one of the most rewarding aspects of academic life. It also has its ex-curricular fun side… See some photos here.]

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